1 Antifa Arrested At CPAC365 Conference In Knoxville, TN

Backroom Knox reports:

“Black Lives Matter Protestor David Hayes eats concrete after pushing someone into oncoming traffic, according to eyewitnesses.

One person in the crowd said Hayes committed attempted murder. Hayes was arrested by Knoxville Police Department – TN.

This writer has personally witnessed David’s vile acts and attempts at inciting violence, and lies. Backroom Knox exposed his Knoxville Black Lives Matter chapter as being racist, inciting violence and actual violence-with video proof and helped in getting the chapter shut down or at least in a dormant state.

From Hayes’ point of view of the altercation, “A middle aged white guy came out from the conference area to approach us and heckle and challenging us to fight (he’s in the video with the orange shirt on). A few of us would approach him periodically (he stood only feet behind us), but for the most part we kept the protest party going. When the event was over and most of the crowds had gone, a second, slightly older white guy (wearing a red shirt in the video) aggressively approached us and almost immediately starting assaulting comrades. When I moved to defended a comrade from the guy in the red shirt, the guy in the orange shirt ran to assault to me. I dodged his punch, and the cops came swarming in.”

Hayes’ arrest took place at the @American Conservative Union CPAC 365: Knoxville where Mike Pence, Marsha Blackburn, and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann were in attendance.

We have put David Hayes and Black Lives Matter’s Community Control to test. They do not want police. They want the community to control the community. When we tested their theory in real life, BLM and Hayes failed on thier hypocritical community control stances. They could not control themselves or hold their peers accountable for criminal actions.

We sleep better with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Knoxville Police Department – TN patrolling our streets.

Hayes has also recently been charged with criminal tresspass and simple possision.

We will note that he has been found innocent in Knox County court on previous arrest charges. He is now out of jail and due back in court in October. …”


David Alex Hayes

22 Antifa Arrested At Loyal White Knights Protest In Charlottesville, VA (7-8-2017)

Narrative Collapse reports:

“Authorities are moving forward with the prosecution of twenty-two left-wing activists who engaged in a violent confrontation with police on July 8th in Charlottesville, VA. …

Assault and Battery – misdemeanor:

Jarell Sykes Jones, 28

Failing to Disperse in a Riot:

Rasha Lanston, 19

Obstructing free passage – misdemeanor:

Jo Zenobia Donahue, 24
Veronica H. Fitzhugh, 38
Nicolas R. McCarthy, 28
Jeanne M. Peterson
John R. Neavear
Sara M. Tansey
Evan S. Viglietta
Whitney R. Whiting
Thomas Freman, 52
Marie Peterson, 37
Cameron S. Bills
Kendall J. Bills

Obstructing Justice:

Katherine M. Niles, 26
Erika J. Riles, 25
Kandace N. Baker
Tracy G. Redd, 25

Wearing a mask in public – felony:

Sarah E. Barner, 32
Naomi Michelle Bendersky, 18
Diego Trujillo, 20

Assaulting a police officer felony:

Jordan Lee Romeo, 27

3 Leftists Arrested During Prison Labor Protest In Portland, OR

Portland Tribune reports:

“Three people have been arrested after police say they blocked traffic in the South Waterfront during a protest against the use of prison labor by Oregon Health & Science University.

The OHSU Center for Health and Healing and the Collaborative Life Sciences Building were placed on lockdown procedures after protesters allegedly blocked an entrance near Elizabeth Caruthers Park, 3508 S.W. Moody Avenue, according to a news release.

Video accounts show protesters yelling while police appear to arrest at least one person and deploy pepper spray.

Police say they used loundspeakers to order the crowd out of the street and onto the sidewalk — and that one officer was hit by a thrown water bottle during the tumult.

Jacob Alejandro Bureros, 31, was charged with harassment for an incident that occurred on June 3.

• Sherry Motamedi, 43, was charged with resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer and second-degree disorderly conduct.

• Zoe Rebekah McLain, 21, was charged with resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer and second-degree disorderly conduct.

All three were booked and immediately released, according to jail records. …”

Jacob Alejandro Bureros is a “co-founder” of OccupyICEPDX:

“But Jacob Bureros, a co-founder of OccupyICEPDX and a media liaison for the group, found the city to be a hindrance rather than a help.

“The biggest takeaway from this entire movement is that the only actionable power has come from the people and that the state has worked to suppress that,” Bureros said, adding that city officials were verbally supportive but did nothing to help protesters accomplish their list of demands. Those included the city’s withdrawal from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, funding for an Office of Immigrant Rights and removal of ICE from the city. …”



1 Antifa Arrested For Rape In Murfreesboro, TN

WGNS Radio reports:

“A 21-year-old man has been charged with rape in Murfreesboro. Elijah C. Hartman was charged with rape after a woman filed a complaint with police stating that she was in bed when Hartman came over and sat on the bed next to her. She said that Hartman asked to have sex with her and she told him no. The report details him trying to take her clothing off and the female kicking him in the chest.

The report was filed with MPD on Monday and the reported incident allegedly occurred on January 25th.

The report states, “He then became angry and pulled off her pants and underwear. She attempted to push him off…” Officers spoke with Hartman and wrote in their arrest file, “Mr. Hartman was interviewed on January 29, 2018 and gave several conflicting statements regarding what happened.”

The report went on to show that Hartman at first denied having sex with the victim, but did say he sat on her bed. When he was told that a “rape kit” was performed on the woman he allegedly told police that they had consensual sex the night before.

Hartman was charged with one count of rape and transported to the local jail. His bond was set at $75,000. He will face the charge in court on March 13, 2018. As of Tuesday morning (1/30/18), Hartman was still in custody.


MPD Incident 18-1809″

Nashville ARA reports:

“We have received messages from several concerned friends and other folx regarding Elijah Hartman and his association with ARA. Elijah was arrested on January 29th, 2018 with a charge of rape. Elijah has been an acquaintance of members of the Nashville chapter of ARA since May of 2017, and was a member for a period of time in 2017. We met at the May Day rally in Nashville last year and he expressed a desire to work with us after that. His level of involvement throughout the year we knew him was minimal and after our initial meeting he made little to no effort to put in time to working with us due to personal circumstances of his own. He came to one protest that was in his hometown of Murfreesboro, TN in October 2017.

In December, a mutual acquaintance of ours had been staying with Elijah at his residence. That person reached out to us with concerns about Elijah, stating to us that he witnessed Elijah verbally and physically abusing multiple women while he was staying there. That person asked for help and advice on how to handle the situation, and at that time we did what we thought was best for all parties and offered mediation and advice. At that time we did not know who the women were, we were not given names. …”


20 ‘Anti-Ice’ Protesters Arrested In Nashville, TN

Scoop Nashville reports:

“In total, nineteen persons, five from Nashville, were charged today for refusing to leave CoreCivic property at 10 Burton Hills Boulevard after repeated verbal warnings; ten of those persons arrested chained themselves together.

The following persons were charged with criminal trespassing, mugshots are below:

Jeannie Alexander, 46, Fowler Street, Old Hickory, TN
• Ansley Wolfe-Nelson, 22, Rosa L. Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN
• Dustin Steele, 27, Hawthorne Avenue, Knoxville, TN
• Russell Manning, 27, Island Home Avenue, Knoxville, TN
• Wesley Hufstader, 26, Buchanan Road, Asheville, NC
• David Hayes, 25, Hawthorne Avenue, Knoxville, TN
• Thomas Gonzales, 22, Chloe Cove, Atoka, TN
• Gary Crays, 42, Elsmore Lane, Liberty, TN
• Johnathan Bonini, 32, Laurel Lake Road, Brackney, PA
• Lillian Hsu, 37, Buttercup Ridge Road, Liberty, TN (also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct)
• Riley Bigg, 38, Mount Clarke Avenue, Asheville, NC
• Joseph Fennell, 32, Meade Lake Road, Millington, TN
• Bethney Foster, 44, Homestead Road, Nashville, TN
• Tuesday Gilliam, 37, Sanctuary Lane, Liberty, TN
• Julie Henry, 33, Earlene Drive, Nashville, TN
• Caleb Brock, 19, Waheela Drive, Chattanooga, TN
• Hunter Duncan, 26, Highway 12 South, Ashland City, TN
• Ashley Dixon, 34, Pinewood Drive, Nashville, TN
• Danielle Burton, 31, Grand Avenue, Watertown, TN
• Juliette Allen, 25, Grand Avenue, Watertown, TN”



7 Antifa Arrested At ‘Unity Rally’ In Richmond, VA (9-16-2017)

WAVY reports:

“After about an hour of interactions between the groups, the group of Confederate monument supporters were escorted out of the area by police.

Seven people were arrested in connection with Saturday’s monument protests in Richmond:

Deante L. Watkins, 18, of the 1000 block of Althea Parkway in Richmond, VA, is charged with two counts each of possession of a stolen weapon and possession of a concealed weapon.
Brittany D. Bush, 29, of the 00 block of Jefferson Street in Petersburg, VA, is charged with disorderly conduct.
Jabari A. Robinson, 21, 4000 block of Old Mountain Road in Roanoke, VA, is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
Caroline Hill, 24, the 6900 of McLean Park Manor Court, McLean, VA, is charged with wearing a mask in public.
Thomas W. Rockett, 21, 2000 Highcourt Lane in Herndon, VA, is charged with wearing a mask in public.
Corissa C. Duffey, 25, 100 Springdale Road, Stockbridge, GA, is charged with wearing a mask in public.
Ian M. Gerson, 32, 00 block of Hart Street in Brooklyn, NY, is charged with wearing a mask in public.”